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Our teams arm millions of consumers with more purchasing power, and at the same time, increase thousands of retailers' bottom lines. Our innovative technology and proprietary systems enable seamless retail financial tools and drive our incredible growth – we’re 10 times the size we were just four years ago. Join us, and empower amazing results.

That’s how I progress.

At Progressive Leasing, I help the people who need it the most. And I'm part of something big. Every day, we utilize big data to power seamless retail financial tools and help thousands of retailers, millions of consumers and countless communities. We take enormous pride and ownership in what we accomplish. Become part of a team that empowers amazing results.

That’s how I progress.

A huge, untapped market of consumers needs us. Armed with experience and 15 years of predictive data that no one else in the industry can match, we enable seamless financial tools that can drive revenue for thousands of retailers. Join us, and become part of a team that continues to grow and succeed. 

That’s how I progress.


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Progressive Leasing – Giving Back

Being a good corporate citizen is an important part of the Progressive Leasing work culture and experience. As such, we believe in giving back and making a difference in the communities our customers, associates, friends and neighbors call home.

In this video, you can relive how 130 Progressive employees from across the nation came together at the Boys & Girls Club in Draper, Utah to pitch in, lend a hand, and make things just a little bit better and brighter for the kids.

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Progressive Leasing – Community Outreach

Progressive Leasing is dedicated to supporting charitable organizations and embracing our community by giving back. We recently donated $20,000 to Primary Children’s Hospital in the form of children’s baskets and monetary contributions. We also support the Utah Food Bank throughout the year.

Rest Assured - The Story of Hazel

Like a lot of people, Hazel had fallen on hard times and found herself without a bed to sleep in. She tried many times to finance her way off the couch, only to be repeatedly declined due to poor credit.

Everything changed, however, when a retail associate familiar with Progressive told her about our No Credit Needed program. He also helped her apply. And then when Hazel was told right there, on the spot, that she’d have a bed to rest in that very night, she fell to the floor and cried tears of joy.

Helping people like Hazel is why we do what we do. Join us.

If Our Walls Could Talk

When we moved to a new office space, James, one of our collections supervisors, had a suggestion for the walls. He proposed a mural of legendary people. People recognizable as having made a difference in their professions.

And he’d paint it himself.

James finds satisfaction in creating art that inspires others to be better. Now, he has another mural project in our building, and we can’t wait to see what he creates.

Like James, we want our people to be inspired to do great things, because at Progressive, we all make a difference.

Our Floors Take Flight

Come fly with Progressive. That’s the feeling visitors get when they see the top floor of our building. Here, pictures of airplanes in flight cover the walls. That’s because Curt Doman, one of our founders, has always been impressed with flight. Airplanes are just one of a handful of inventions that changed the world.

They inspire us and give us freedom to dream. Their pictures also remind us that our products must be just as sleek and fast – with beauty, grace and power.

After all, we help change lives. Working together, we at Progressive can have that same power. Every day, our teams take flight and change the world of retail finance.

Game On

What does gaming have to do with applying for lease options? Actually, everything. For one, our products, while not games, need to be intuitive, powerful and easy to use. They also need to be nimble and fast enough to help us compete in the ever-changing market.

Gaming and competition go hand-in-hand. That’s why we have rooms where employees can take a break, reenergize and compete. And why we participate in basketball 3-on-3 tournaments, team foosball, and team table tennis. We’ll even compete against each other for fundraising food drives. And the floor that brings the most items wins a free lunch.

At Progressive, we’re better by approaching everything as a competition. We work hard, we play hard, and we win.